About Us

Lecorium started off with the idea of making and supplying the best quality of leather jackets to the customers. Our jackets are custom made by the traditional craftsmen of Delhi, India on the prototypes created by our designers. The whole idea of making premium quality leather jackets revolves around our passion for quality and variety. All the leather jackets are hand-designed and customized to make them appealing and relatable to our customers. Each leather jacket involves days of the design process — from the choice of leather, lining, colour and type of the thread, everything to bring about the unique and personal touch to our products --  but it all seemed extremely satisfying putting it together.

Leather jackets are evergreen products and are one of the most versatile clothing pieces that never go out of style. Irrespective of the time or age - leather jacket has its own charm, it communicates in a powerful way. We love working with leather because there is a rawness to it and we enjoy playing with its natural quality and texture to create interesting designs. Turning raw leather into beautiful jackets is an enthralling experience. We believe that fashion should not be completely driven by huge brands, there is a great appeal in something that is unique and personal to the creators.

Our leather jackets are made up of the premium quality of 100% leather. All the big tanneries are situated in Kanpur, Chennai, and Delhi. India rounds out to the fifth position in the biggest producer of leather with producing about 1.4 billion square feet of leather per year. We try our best to provide you with the best quality leather jackets at a reasonable price. Each and every product is handcrafted and is made by skilled labourers who are perfect in stitching to embossing to polishing.

Leather jackets offer an unparalleled level of style and sophistication. Leather has a natural sheen to it that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Wearing the right leather products and accessories can help you create a fashion-forward look while differentiating yourself from the mainstream crowd in the process. So go ahead and make the investment by purchasing premium quality leather jackets which will last longer, look better and feel more comfortable than similar garments made from fake or lesser quality leather.

A leather jacket is not a purchase it’s an investment! This company was started with the idea to make traditionally made premium quality leather jackets without big brand labels and not at exorbitant prices. A lot of huge companies manufacture their products in the developing countries, like India, but rarely talk about them or do anything for them, they just get the products made for cheap and sell them for big bucks. Here at Lecorium, we try to put the skill and designs of our local craftsmen in front of the world and work with them to create some modern and classic designs.

At Lecorium, we believe in quality and variety and also in customer satisfaction. The founders here are always ready to interact with our customers on any query through various mediums. We are sure you would love our products as each one of it has its own story just like our Lecorium family. So, shop with us and get a piece of perfection for yourself, and stand out from the crowd with your own premium quality leather jacket.